We can stop worrying now.

there’s a certain feeling of closure in the news that pedro is done for the season and postseason due to a calf injury. now we can move on and get excited about the wildcard named john maine.

i think maine’s got the blinders of youth on to plow thru the post season without much fear or a care in the world.

now willie can stop dealing with this distraction and get this team fired up again.

i’m actually relieved, not disheartened … the mets basically did it without pedro after april so pedro as cheerleader (is there a better player/cheerleader in the game, even when healthy?) will suit just fine.



wow petey.

i figured you were nursing back in the bigs as opposed to a minor league rehab start(s) … but last night was troubling, given how close the playoffs are.

the team has certainly slowed down since clinching, and that’s fine as long as willie can get the crew fired-up again for the nlds. if they bow out in the first round it will go a long way to wipe out all the good feeling they have built-up this season … but at least we’ll get zito in the offseason if that happens.

willie’s done great all year, but this is where the big dogs step up, so let’s all throw willie a bone.

Pls show us some zip tonight Petey.

i undestand that pedro has let everyone know that he’s "saving himself" for the playoffs and doesn’t want to crank it up on the shoulder, the back, the toe until then … but to make us all feel a little better can he please break 90 a couple of times tonight so we can all stop worrying.

strom clouds gathering in the central where the cards are doing everything they can to orchestrate the biggest playoff run flop in history, which would put clemens, pettitte and their best pitcher oswalt in the mix for the mets … i know you have to beat the best to be the best, but still, i’d rather have the rocket home on his couch watching the playoffs with a bottle of jack in one hand and a revolver pointed at the door.


Welcome to the show.

as a long-time mets fan, i’ll be writing about the good, the bad and the ugly about the amazins.

since the mets ahve clinched the NL east already, allow me to propose to ted turner that he move the braves out of atlanta to new orleans.

i have no idea where they would play, but it’s always galled me that the hated braves go to the playoffs every year and fail to sell out their divisional home games … any fan base that complacent deserves to lose their team and let’s use the dull side of that knife to spread a little butter on n’awlins as those people get back on their feet.