Johhny TreMaine

Silversmith apprentice, not supposed to work on Sundays due to colonial Blue Laws … has to rush an order for his boss and burns his hand in hot liquid silver … then helps fight the Red Coats … Rememeber that book?

Anyway, Johnny TreMaine of the Mets has the arm of a blacksmith and a motion so smooth that you can see why there’s so much swing & miss, followed closely by look of batter disbelief "how did i miss that?"

He’s like Mariano … such a smooth delivery that the ball couldn’t possibly get up on you that fast.

TreMaine was unbelieveable last night and seems to have such a nice make-up that Los Mets better get this kid signed-up to a long term deal before the last possible second of his rookie-ish deal.

And, Delgado hit one out … Proud Papa’s gonna get in the mix now.

Lastings, hang in there man, you’ll be up before you know it.


One comment


    Johnny messed up his hand in the middle of the story. Do I see a parallel. Where do the Sons of Liberty come in?

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