Sunday was xmas morning.

a shiny red bicycle under the xmas tree … it gets no better.

blame arod, blame sheffield, blame the unit, blame mussina … but for a 200m payroll team to go into an elimination game with their hopes pinned to jaret wright?

yankees got caught playing fantasy baseball this year, and forgot that they call it "chemistry" because it’s that thing that you just can’t put your finger on … but with apologies to potter stewart: "i know it when i can’t see it".

yankees need to start over … ALL the way over … cashman, torre, and all those lackeys they refer to as "the tampa contingent" … all of ’em.

now, onto good times.

los mets have cajones. cough up a 4-zip lead by walking in a go ahead run?  no problem. just go get it back.  they make it look so easy that we’re inspired.

the cards are a good team (note to willie, pls pitch to pujols) and i can’t wait to mix it up.

carpenter has been made of glass his whole career so i’m sure his arm feels just dandy after this much mileage … will be interesting to see how he holds up.

cliff floyd, you’re a good man … if nothing else you helped lead this playoff by example.

endy chavez, you’re welcome in metstown anytime.

the usuals did the usual, and show no signs of resting on laurels … these guys are hungry as heck.

bring on the cards.





    Belated welcome to the MLBlogosphere, Jeff! Looking forward to more of your posts, and added you to the MLBlogs Active Roster. I will also be doing our NLCS blog for starting today/tomorrow, hope you’ll join that one with comments. Have fun!


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