I’m ok, you’re ok.

with apologies to dr. harris who penned that title, i’m at peace with the whole pedro thing now and will not need an intervention followed by a 12-stepper.

what i’d love to see now is some big hitting to close out the season … i want to finish the race leaning in to break the tape withour collective chin instead of the fat guy with a lead just reaching out in front and pulling down the tape.

so far, willie has totally proven to be the right guy for this club … he’s been my personal prozac by never allowing the fams to get too high or too low and he’s clearly done that for the players.

and how nice it is to finally have unfractured ownership … i could see a picture where during a great run like this an issue like the new stadium would create headlines between fred & nelson that would hover over the whole team like one of those gnat swarms at the garbage cans … i don’t miss those days.

it will be interesting to see how jeff wilpon grows into his executive role at the mets … i don’t know much about the guy, except that he clearly was given too large a role that he was ready for in his initial go ’round only to scale back and have more success two years later … this new stadium is clearly his baby and will be his very public report card.

also, i don’t know what he plans to do next, but good luck and best wishes to frank robinson who won’t be with the nats after this season … a classy guy who doesn’t book any nonsense from his players … we need more of him in today’s sports, not less.

let’s finish strong (nice victory last night) and roll.



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