wow petey.

i figured you were nursing back in the bigs as opposed to a minor league rehab start(s) … but last night was troubling, given how close the playoffs are.

the team has certainly slowed down since clinching, and that’s fine as long as willie can get the crew fired-up again for the nlds. if they bow out in the first round it will go a long way to wipe out all the good feeling they have built-up this season … but at least we’ll get zito in the offseason if that happens.

willie’s done great all year, but this is where the big dogs step up, so let’s all throw willie a bone.


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    Welcome Jeff…and I agree…coming this far and than being eliminated in the first round may do more damage than just losing a championship game. I am keeping my fingers crossed they hang on to the lead tonite (I forgot what that looked like :)) and turn themselves around. They have fought too hard all year to just let it slip through their fingers now

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