Johhny TreMaine

Silversmith apprentice, not supposed to work on Sundays due to colonial Blue Laws … has to rush an order for his boss and burns his hand in hot liquid silver … then helps fight the Red Coats … Rememeber that book?

Anyway, Johnny TreMaine of the Mets has the arm of a blacksmith and a motion so smooth that you can see why there’s so much swing & miss, followed closely by look of batter disbelief "how did i miss that?"

He’s like Mariano … such a smooth delivery that the ball couldn’t possibly get up on you that fast.

TreMaine was unbelieveable last night and seems to have such a nice make-up that Los Mets better get this kid signed-up to a long term deal before the last possible second of his rookie-ish deal.

And, Delgado hit one out … Proud Papa’s gonna get in the mix now.

Lastings, hang in there man, you’ll be up before you know it.


… and Delgado’s not even hitting yet.

OK, I’d rather slam my hand in a car door than drop the first 2 series versus the Bravos, but here’s what smells good right now:

  • Delgado is the backbone of this team. He will hit.
  • El Duque looks good. We can schedule his mid-season DL vaca now to rest up for the post-season.
  • Willie is letting his pitchers know very early this season just what is expected of them.
  • Getting Petey back this fall looks to be on track and given Omar’s dry-powder to land a front-line starter at the trade deadline, we may add serious fire power at the end.
  • Julio Franco should lead a separatist movement on Roosevelt Avenue and declare himself the King of Flushing … his kind of player-mentoring is worth its weight in gold.
  • Reyes. NL MVP.

Warm weather, Cool mojitos and a lazy afternoon at the Shea … aahhhhh.

Oliver Perez battles the forces of evil.

dunno if we’re going to get to a game 7 and i don’t mean to sound presumptuous in that regard, but you gotta go with oliver perez.

he’s young and wreckless and lefty and throws 95 … give him the shortest leash (obviously) and besides it’s not like willie’s had a particularly long leash with anybody this postseason … only a young’in like oliver can take the mound without a care in the world and just go after guys without "the moment" hanging like a black cloud over the mound … a grizzled veteran can also do it but ours are all mummified in trainer’s tape.

scott speizio (spelling?) is like kenny rogers with a better attitude … i’m a NY’er and in my roto league kenny rogers simply went by the name Satan … allow me to explain … we had mets fans and yankees fans among others, and the only thing we could all agree on is that kenny rogers was sent by the forces of darkness to destroy all enjoyment of baseball for NY baseball fans of all races, creeds and colors.

the man did his best ed whitson impression for the yanks and then ripped my heart out by walking in the series-winning brave in the playoffs … when he got uppity with that photographer i thought it was because the photog got a shot of kenny’s spear-shaped tail or red trident.

now he’s morphed into a lefty modern day combo of bob gibson and jack morris and (while i respect the cards) i see him waiting in the bushes for my beloved mets after vanquishing the yankees in the alcs (ok, i totally enjoyed that but that’s how darkness works, from the inside).

back to speizio … redhead with redbeard … c’mon, all he’s missing is that red trident.

paranoid, perhaps … but when los mets take the field tonight i’m gonna have the old rosary beads in hand … maybe a garlic clove necklace and i guess those mini-bats from shea could double as wooden stakes.


Sunday was xmas morning.

a shiny red bicycle under the xmas tree … it gets no better.

blame arod, blame sheffield, blame the unit, blame mussina … but for a 200m payroll team to go into an elimination game with their hopes pinned to jaret wright?

yankees got caught playing fantasy baseball this year, and forgot that they call it "chemistry" because it’s that thing that you just can’t put your finger on … but with apologies to potter stewart: "i know it when i can’t see it".

yankees need to start over … ALL the way over … cashman, torre, and all those lackeys they refer to as "the tampa contingent" … all of ’em.

now, onto good times.

los mets have cajones. cough up a 4-zip lead by walking in a go ahead run?  no problem. just go get it back.  they make it look so easy that we’re inspired.

the cards are a good team (note to willie, pls pitch to pujols) and i can’t wait to mix it up.

carpenter has been made of glass his whole career so i’m sure his arm feels just dandy after this much mileage … will be interesting to see how he holds up.

cliff floyd, you’re a good man … if nothing else you helped lead this playoff by example.

endy chavez, you’re welcome in metstown anytime.

the usuals did the usual, and show no signs of resting on laurels … these guys are hungry as heck.

bring on the cards.


Bring on them Dodgers!

for sentimental reasons, i didn’t want to face piazza in the first round, plus the dodgers feel like the weaker team right now vs. the pods.

derek lowe will be so excited to be in NYC that he’ll stay out all night and get busted with a hooker and a bag of blow should he be called upon to pitch a game 5 so i’m not worried about closing out this club even if i have to do it with john maine.

the duke lives and breathes this stuff so he will rise to the occasion and give us all a good show … mets fans are bursting at the seams for the postseason so the lineup will be juiced beyond belief (not "that" juiced … houston didn’t make it).

mets roll.


I’m ok, you’re ok.

with apologies to dr. harris who penned that title, i’m at peace with the whole pedro thing now and will not need an intervention followed by a 12-stepper.

what i’d love to see now is some big hitting to close out the season … i want to finish the race leaning in to break the tape withour collective chin instead of the fat guy with a lead just reaching out in front and pulling down the tape.

so far, willie has totally proven to be the right guy for this club … he’s been my personal prozac by never allowing the fams to get too high or too low and he’s clearly done that for the players.

and how nice it is to finally have unfractured ownership … i could see a picture where during a great run like this an issue like the new stadium would create headlines between fred & nelson that would hover over the whole team like one of those gnat swarms at the garbage cans … i don’t miss those days.

it will be interesting to see how jeff wilpon grows into his executive role at the mets … i don’t know much about the guy, except that he clearly was given too large a role that he was ready for in his initial go ’round only to scale back and have more success two years later … this new stadium is clearly his baby and will be his very public report card.

also, i don’t know what he plans to do next, but good luck and best wishes to frank robinson who won’t be with the nats after this season … a classy guy who doesn’t book any nonsense from his players … we need more of him in today’s sports, not less.

let’s finish strong (nice victory last night) and roll.